We Overcome the Obstacles with Abundance of Delicacies

As Simitçi Dünyası Family, we are with the disabled individuals and [...]


As Simitçi Dünyası Family, we are with the disabled individuals and their families. We are pleased to be a part of "Three Drops of Happiness Picnic" 4th of which was held on May 23 this year.

The architect of this special day on which kept the disabled individuals and their families away from the stress of daily life was Vahide Çakır who is known with the radio program "Three Drops of Happiness" on TRT Avrasya. We took pride in attending this valuable activity of Vahide Çakır who rediscussed the subjects of disability and the problems of disability as part of social responsibility, with our products.

Our picnic held in Harikalar Diyarı between 13:00 and 17:00 on May 23, 2015 raised the awareness of the social responsibility projects with the speech of the President of World Senility Association, Umut Çınar and the relevant professional guests. Clown shows and animations were performed particularly for preventing the alienation of the disabled children and helping in their communication with the healthy children. As the dance shows and concerts of the musicians gave a novel touch to the picnic, various Turkish Bagels, pastries and buns of Simitçi Dünyası pleased the mouths of the guests. The caps and balloons of Simitçi Dünyası that were distributed to everyone jollified the day. The organization where unforgettable moments and tastes united was pretty enthusiastic like a feast.

We developed the understanding of awareness for the awareness in this picnic that aimed to create a bridge between the disabled individuals and helpful people. Our desire is the traditionalization of this event 4th of which was held this year and we support such activities from the heart. As Simitçi Dünyası, we are always happy with contributing to reliable social responsibility projects that enable the helpful people to reach the needers.


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