• Turkish Bagel is well-known with its feature of evoking admiration of own tasters. Well. Is the taste of this food the only thing that makes it so impressive? At this point, reminiscence of young and old alike starts with Turkish Bagel; because every Turkish Bagel-lover tastes this food at a young age and then he grows up with it and absolutely hands this love down the next generations.

  • We're happy with Turkish Bagel. For sure, it is very happy with us as well. We have nothing to say about the taste of Turkish Bagel. We like it. But we take more pleasure in sharing it with our beloved ones than in its flavor. If you became distanced to sharing and the happiness created by sharing, we advise you to make some spare time and visit Simitçi Dünyası.


A decent atmosphere with the smell of freshness witnesses salutations to morning that is said with the exclusive excitement of each day. Here are very fresh flavors, a warm tea which makes the cup hot, and a new day started with the happiness of different flavors. Have a wonderful day that you never forget.


You ll be the ambassador of a franchise brand with the highest profit margins in the market. You can get our consultancy service in any subject including commercial and legal ones. We keep our stock management updated with our logistic support and we ensure the continuity of the standard taste using the systems at our Plant. What about becoming a member of Simitçi Dünyası with a profitable partnership under the umbrella of a brand that is worthy of these territories? Types of franchise

Bakery Cafe

In our Fırın Cafes that offer pleasing bakery products to everyone, we bring our fresh and warm tastes to your house with the excitement on the first day. As the taste and consistency have the perfect fit, our products baked by the master hands who know all details of freshness start to wait for you impatiently to receive the recompense for our work. We offer the traditional bakery products and breakfast menus to our guests in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of Simitçi Dünyası. Our efforts are worth of your smile. You're always welcome to Simitçi Dünyası for having a joyous and delicious day.
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Bistro Cafe

In our Bistro Cafes that bring the most favorite tastes of the World Cuisine and our traditional bakery products together, we offer "Abundance of Delicacies”, including both tradition and innovation through our specialists and quality service understanding. Our duty is to send you with a smile after tasting our products that please your mouth. We send off our guests who are met with our warm "Welcome" by showing the same hospitality. Our delicious products that are produced untouched by human hands can be found at any time in their freshest condition at Simitçi Dünyası.
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Social Media
Social Media We offer our customers our products that are produced under hygienic conditions in the decent and friendly atmosphere of Simitçi Dünyası that spread to the four corners of Turkey. Thanks to innovative approach, wide product range and the increasing branches of Simitçi Dünyası, we deliver the amazing tastes to the locations where you can reach conveniently.