We Created an Environment-Friendly World

As Simitçi Dünyası, we are highly sensitive to protection [...]


As Simitçi Dünyası, we are highly sensitive to protection of natural resources at the locations of our branches and in our production areas. We constantly work on minimizing the damage given to nature in our production areas, and follow the latest developments. We use the technologies required for a greener nature in our production areas.

Separation and classification of the waste generated by our plants are among the subjects on which we lay special emphasis. We take preventive measures against all kinds of environmentally hazardous elements as part of our environmental responsibilities. An important point of our environment management system is to prevent the wastes of our production areas from damaging all of the living creatures as we create an environment-friendly world.

Our consciousness of nature is registered with ISO 14001 Environmental Certification as part of Environmental Management. We organize internal training programs and do our best to raise the awareness of our employees pursuant to this certification given to the institutions that reduce, prevent and control environmental pollution.


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