HR Policy

HR Policy


Bistorya Gıda San.Tic.A.Ş.
  In recruitment process, Simitçi Dünyası focuses on that the candidates have the qualifications and competencies required by the position, and be open to development.
Within our body, general ability and personality tests and the tests and interviews for the evaluation of professional knowledge and skills related to the positions. Our company makes job offer to the candidates who are deemed suitable as a result of these evaluations, and the candidate who suits to relevant position is recruited. Our aim is to employ the individuals to a department that fits their qualifications, by questioning their knowledge, skills and competences. 

Educational objective of

Bistorya Gıda San.Tic.A.Ş.is to bring definite knowledge, skills and behaviors in its employees and make them gain the capabilities that they can apply to private lives. In our company, the potential employees for a position at any level are determined through the evaluation processes that are based on the performance results, manager's view and competency.
Our successful employees with the upper-level competencies of leadership are determined with our "Ability Pool" project and included in a special ability management program. They are followed up closely and made ready for the positions of senior management to which they may be assigned.
This process enables the critical positions in our company to be backed up effectively, thus sustainable performance is achieved.​

Bistorya Gıda San.Tic.A.Ş.  Applications of Human Resources are based on contributing to personal and career development of the employees. 
Competencies and professional skills of the employees are evaluated and their aspects that are open to development are assisted through training.

Salary System

A salary policy is applied in accordance with the steps determined based on the market conditions as as to pay the right salary to right job and keep the internal balance of the company.


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