Quality, Food and Environment


To produce food in a quality, safe, environment-friendly and hygienic environment in our firm,

To meet customer demands and expectations in line with all legal conditions, standards and legislations in time and in the appropriate quality with continuous and planned improvement consciousness,

To form a qualified team that researches, is dynamic, follows technological developments, is appropriate for cooperation and team work,

To grow by forming happy staff and satisfied customer in direction with our quality management system and principles that is sensitive to environment with honesty and trust principle, in harmony with changing market conditions,

To become a leader in the market,

To carry out works to develop environment consciousness with all our activities as a firm and by complying with the environment laws in effect without harming the ecological balance,

To ensure that the wastes are minimized at their sources, that they are reused if possible and recycled, and the ones that could not be used again are removed with suitable methods,

To maintain that energy, raw materials and natural resources are used efficiently,

To develop the environment and occupational health awareness of our staff and to make integrated management system understanding a life philosophy is our constant policy.

Bistorya Gıda Ind. Trade Inc.


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