Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you give Franchise (Dealership)?

    Yes, Simitçi Dünyası is a brand that grows domestically and abroad via franchise/dealership system.

  • What investment is required on average?

    The investment varies depending on the size and type of the store (Fırın Cafe, Bistro Cafe).

  • Is any share amount received based on the revenue?

    Yes, a share amount is received based on the monthly revenue.

  • Who performs Project Design, Decoration and Construction works?

    Simitçi Dünyası will prepare the store for use completely and deliver to you as turnkey.

  • What are the minimum areas (m²) of indoor and outdoor space of the store?

    The minimum indoor space required for a store of Simitçi Dünyası is 100m². Although any minimum area is not required for outdoor space, 

    Each store should have an outdoor space.

  • Can I choose the location of the store?

    Decision on the location you want is given after a review by Simitçi Dünyası.

  • Is any Feasibility/Convenience Research performed for the location of the dealer?

    Simitçi Dünyası subjects every location planned for franchise to investigation and feasibility studies.

  • How will be the products that will be delivered to my store supplied?

    Your products will be transferred from the cold storages in the production facilities of Simitçi Dünyası to our cooled vehicles and delivered to your store without spoiling the frozen product chain.

  • How are the products prepared for the counter and sale?

    As is taught to you and your team, the products are prepared through baking following various applications. All of the applications are performed within the capabilities of your store.

  • Are the bakery products baked at my store?

    The freshness that the guests of Simitçi Dünyası are used to is on an hour-basis, rather than daily. To ensure the continuous freshness of the foods, they are baked at certain intervals and placed on the counter in a warm condition.

  • Do the bakery products undergo innovations? Are new products offered?

    Simitçi Dünyası offers on average 2-3 mouth-pleasing new products/month according to their taste in proportion to demand.

  • How often is the menu of Bistro Cafe renewed?

    Since we offer the latest and most dynamic tastes of the world and local cuisines, menu of Bistro Cafe is renewed once a year at the beginning of the season.

  • Are the Training Sessions for the Dealer Team given either for once or permanently?

    Training sessions of Simitçi Dünyası for you organized permanently at certain intervals upon the decision of the learning consultants and experts.

  • For how many years will the Franchising (Dealership) Contract be effective?

    Franchising Contract of Simitçi Dünyası will be effective for 10 years.

  • How are the recruitment and training processes of the Store Staff performed?

    The staff who are deemed suitable by Simitçi Dünyası and the Dealer are made ready through the internship training and the relevant training based on the department that they will be employed, until the opening date of the store.


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