We Are Hopeful for the Future of Çankaya's Sprouts

Some of us were introduced with education at preschools, some of us [...]


Support the Education of A University Student!

Some of us were introduced with education at preschools whereas education life of some of us starts at primary schools. Education required a school uniform: blue smock and white collar. A blackboard was used... For us, the first stage of education started with the papers writing “Ali ata bak” etc. Later, we went to secondary school and high school as time was going by so fast. Finally, the turn of university education came. As we developed at this point, education continued to be an integral part of our lives. However, university was a dream for some of us. We sometimes need a support for making our dream come true.

Education is a right and makes the life of a person more valuable. It teaches us the past lives, namely the experiences, thus it includes us in the experience pool. If living is to experience, the education to which the experience is conveyed provides the suitable conditions. The importance of education stands out at the beginning and latest phase of the humanity. In addition to sharing Numerous Tastes, Simitçi Dünyası emphasizes the meaning and significance of education and is pleased with supporting "Çankaya's Sprouts" project which was implemented under the coordination of Çankaya Municipality to include the public in the local government and to create equal opportunities in education that should be elaborated considerably.

Our objective is to provide equal opportunities in education to the university students who have difficulties in receiving education due to financial incapabilities of their families, and to enable the youths who are the guarantee of our future to have profession and be open-minded individuals. Our fundamental aim is to help the young people in completing their education as independent and modern individuals. You can contribute to this project conducted within the body of Çankaya Municipality, give hope to a university student and see the future optimistically.

‘’Umudu olan bir gençlik geleceği değiştirir.’’


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