We come from the place where the bagel seller and bagel lovers come…

In this day and time when the tendency of presenting traditional food products to the customers in modern, hygienic and decent environments gains weight, we started off with the bagel seller who knows where to install his bagel sign, with the attention and sensitivity of the hands that feel the fresh and crunchy bagels as soon as they touch them.

By uniting our deep knowledge about traditional culture with our innovation capability, we established in 2012 “Simitçi Dünyası”. We formed the first rings of the store chain of Simitçi Dünyası brand by choosing Fırın and bistro cafes at centers where bagel lovers can easily reach in their daily travels and hectic work environments.

Fırın and bistro cafes of Simitçi Dünyası that has been opened with a quick but unhurried effort have been the name of quality and traditional delight and the only address of sincere conversations. With the strength acquired from successful results, with faster and more confident steps, we continue weaving the keystones of a large structure one by one. However, with our current efforts that require self sacrifice, in our second year of operation, we became the second greatest brand of the sector by reaching 50 branches.

Our target is to spread with hundreds of branches in all over Turkey and then open branches in Europe, Asia and Middle East and become a world brand.


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