Our Vision & Mission & Values

Simitçi Dünyası; in its places where eyes and souls are lightened accepts;



  • Experiencing peace and comfort
  • Providing taste with variety
  • Popularizing tastes in special and professional kitchens by collecting under our own brand
  • Meeting the orders with maximum speed and freshness
  • Its basic policy and considers the satisfaction of its customers at the highest level and accepts meeting the demands as primary priority.

To be a leader and pioneer Bagel brand in national and international arena, that makes difference with its expert staff and wide experience, that constitutes loyalty with its service understanding and approach, that creates sincerity with its design that makes its places special and different, that produces value-added by its partners and staff, that keeps developing and that develops, that considers the peace and comfort of its customers important, that shows a nostalgic approach to the innovations that change continuously.


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